Current calls

Labex EFL Call: Support for the organization of conferences

The Labex Empirical Foundations of Linguistics EFL can provide financial support for the organization of your conferences, conferences or workshops. Following this article, you will find a summary of the information to be provided for any application for financing an event by the Labex EFL.

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Launch of the 10th ASV Valuation-Specific Actions Call for Projects

Today is the launch of the 10th ASV internal call for projects (Specific Actions for Valorisation) whose aim is to promote the valorisation of research results of Labex teams in the socio-economic, cultural and institutional world. Find here the terms of participation and submission of applications.

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2018 Training or Thematic Conversion Grants – Closed Call

As part of its training component, the Labex EFL is launching a new call for applications entitled “Training or Thematic Conversion Grants”. Open to all Labex members and associate doctoral students, this support aims to facilitate the access of doctoral students, researchers and research professors to high-level international summer schools.

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EFL International Chair 2019 – 7th call for visiting professors

The aim of the Labex EFL is to promote innovative and interdisciplinary research within Linguistics and related fields. Specific interest is given to empirical foundations (corpus analysis and experimental methods) of linguistic research. The EFL project is now launching its 7th call for applications for visiting professors. 

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Formation interne : “Bayesian linear mixed models fitting with Stan”

L’axe formations du Labex EFL, dans le cadre du projet IDEX “Outillage informatique pour les doctorants en Sciences du langage”, propose une série de formations intensives à destination des doctorants et enseignants-chercheurs de SPC. La première formation, qui aura lieu les 11 et 12 décembre prochains. 

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Closed calls

EFL mobility grants : 5th call for applications – Closed call

1. Context of the call The aim of the Laboratoire d’excellence “Empirical Foundations of Linguistics: data, methods, models” (Labex EFL) is to promote innovative and interdisciplinary research within Linguistics and its related fields. Specific interest is given to...

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