This operation deals with the interplay between phonetics and phonology in all learning varieties. In particular, we will focus on two aspects that remain underexplored in the acquisition of phonetic and phonological competences in child (L1: monolingual and bilingual, signers) and adult (L2: learners and bilingual) production: 

1. The phonetic implementation of phonological categories by speaking and signing children, in a large age range (from 8 months old to 10 years old).

2. Phonetic and phonological categories and reorganization in L2 learner production.

We will also compare differences and similarities of phonetic and phonological categories in the two learning varieties (L1 and L2). We will work closely with Strand 4, especially with operations “Segmental and tonal processing in early development” and “Impact of bilingual environment on language acquisition and processing”. 

Home laboratory: LPP (

Contacts: Naomi Yamaguchi (LPP) & Giuseppina Turco