Researches planned for this operation fall in the domain of Clinical Phonetics which endeavor is to better understand Voice and Speech through the joint study of their normal and pathological functioning. The aim is to deepen our understanding of the production system (from the larynx to the lips) in all the diversity of its functions and behaviors, and to question the limits of its variability, from normal to pathological patterns. This work package is organized around three operations: 

1. Linguistic, paralinguistic and artistic uses of voice and speech: variability and flexibility of the production system

2. Disorders of voice and speech: variability and alterability of the production system

3. Aging in voice and speech: maturation and decline of the production system

4. Perceptual impact of voice and speech variation on communication and speaker representation 

Home laboratory: LPP (

Contacts: Nicolas Audibert (LPP) & Claire-Pillot-Loiseau (LPP)