LABEX-EFL is recruiting a PhD candidate for a 3-year period. 

The thesis will focus on one of the following 6 themes, all belonging to Strand 1 “Experimental Phonetics and Phonology”.

1. LABFIELD : Bringing the lab into the field
2. PHUCS : Phonological units: content and structure
3. PROVS : Prosodic variation and structuring
4. SPEL : Speech Production in Learner Varieties
5. CIVI : Coordination in verbal interactions
6. PATH : From normal to pathological: variations of voice and speech 

Recruitment procedures: please send your application including the documents below to Rachid Ridouane ( and to the contacts of the theme you are applying for. 

The application file must contain: 

– A full description of the PhD project (~ 5 pages) including: title; name of PhD supervisor(s); brief summary; scientific context/state of the art; objectives and hypotheses; methodology; expected results; relevance of the project to Strand 1; proposed timeline.
– A CV, a letter of motivation, two letters of recommendation, the list of the Master courses with their evaluation, and a copy of the diplomas obtained. 

Deadline for submission: 5 June 2020
Pre-selection of audition candidates: 15 June 2020
Auditions: 25-26 June 2020 (candidates will be interviewed remotely)
Start: October 1, 2020
Monthly salary: around €1,700 for a period of 3 years 

For further information, please contact Rachid Ridouane.