The proposed research strategy consists of structuring collaborations between field linguists and laboratory phoneticians. This approach confers twofold empirical solidity on the studies that will be conducted: field linguists have a fine-grained understanding of the sound structures of less-investigated languages; phoneticians have expert know-how on techniques for exploring these phonological structures. Research topics are chosen jointly by linguists and phoneticians, and formulated so as to arrive at focused results. The output consists of precise and reliable descriptions of the languages studied, placed in the perspective of theoretical questions that both phonetics and linguistics need to address. The research topics are arranged by (loosely understood) linguistic-geographic areas: Subsaharan Africa, North Africa, Saharan Africa and Asia. 

Home laboratory: LPP (, or CRLAO ( or LLACAN ( 

Contacts: Didier Demolin (LPP) & Mark van de Velde (LLACAN)