We aim at characterizing the coordinative and interactional dimensions of language communication. We will study how speakers manage to coordinate with no apparent effort several processes at a wide range of levels (physical, physiological, cognitive, social, to name but a few) and time scales. We will try to understand the relations between inter-speaker temporal coordination and the many adaptation phenomena leading speakers to assume behaviours that are similar to that of theirs interlocutors on both linguistically relevant and irrelevant dimensions. We will study the role played in linguistic interactions by the coordination between verbal and nonverbal behaviour (eg. F0 and body movements or facial expressions) and the coordination between electrophysiological signals recorded from interacting speakers. Finally, we will study how interactional settings contribute to the acquisition of the first and second language and how they can help treating speech pathologies that, as stuttering, affect speech timing. 

Home laboratory: LPP (https://lpp.in2p3.fr/) 

Contacts: Leonardo Lancia (LPP) & Cédric Gendrot (LPP)