The LABEX-EFL recruits a doctoral candidate for a 3-year PhD. 

This PhD project, which belongs to the Axe « Representation and language processing in a Lifespan perspective”, aims to explore the auditory mechanisms involved in speech perception during early development (during the first year of life). We are particularly interested in the neural basis of the processing of speech acoustic cues during phonetic discrimination and in the emergence of an asymmetrical processing of consonants and vowels. 

This project will be co-supervised by Dr. Laurianne Cabrera & Dr. Thierry Nazzi from the Babylab of the Integrative Neuroscience and Cognition Center (INCC), Université de Paris-CNRS: 

This project will use the electroencephalography technique (EEG) and behavioural techniques (such as the Head-Turn Preference Procedure, HPP) to measure infants’ responses during the perception of speech sounds presented in acoustically manipulated conditions. 

We are encouraging candidates with a Master degree in Cognitive Sciences, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Linguistics or related fields. The candidate must be fluent in French (to communicate with the participants of the experiments) and also in English (common language of the research team). Solid knowledge in psycholinguistics and/or psychoacoustics and also in cognitive development is warranted. Moreover, practical expertise with young infants and EEG is necessary. Some programming and statistical skills (Matlab, R, Python) will be appreciated. 

The salary would be approximately 1700€ net / month and the contract will start on October 1st 2020. 

The applications are to be sent to Laurianne Cabrera ( before April 5th 2020.The interviews will be held in Paris between April 20-24 for a final decision on April 30th 2020. 

Please send a: CV, motivation letter, 2 letters of recommendation, the list of the Master courses with their evaluation, as well as a copy of the diploma. 

For further information, you could contact Laurianne Cabrera.