Leader : Nicolas Quint

Our research group intends to develop a multidisplinary approach of the gallo-romance varieties of the linguistic Crescent, which represent a fascinating case study for contact linguistics, as these varieties display simultaneously Oilic and Occitan features. In the period 2020-2024, a special emphasis will be put on the three following topics : (i) the linguistic Crescent and its environment (study of the Oilic or Occitan varieties spoken around the Crescent area and of the regional French varieties spoken alongside the Crescent varieties), (ii) checking the non-linguistic (anthropological, historical, etc.) correlates of the isoglosses observed in the field, (iii) development of psycholinguistic studies devoted to the Crescent. All in all, this new project aims at proposing a global, multidisciplinary and ecological approach of the linguistic Crescent.