Responsable de l’opération : Cécile Fourgeron (LPP/P3)

Decription : 

The MonPaGe_HA Database for the Documentation of Spoken French Throughout Adulthood

The MonPaGe_HA (Healthy Adults) database was collected with 2 aims:

    1. To further document life-span changes throughout adulthood

Our knowledge of the evolution of speech and voice throughout adulthood is sparse, and more study is obviously needed.

Aging involves changes at the cognitive level & at different physiological levels (central nervous system, musculo-skeletal system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system)

These changes can play an important role in speech production and speech planning at various levels.

    1. To constitute a set of age-standardized reference values for healthy speakers to be used in clinical assessment with the MonPaGe speech screening protocol

The MonPaGe protocol (Fougeron et al. 2016) is designed for a quick & comprehensive assessment of the speech characteristics of patients with motor speech disorders. It is conceived to cover multiple aspects of speech and voice and includes several speech tasks.

For the protocol to be usable in clinical practice and clinical studies, references are sought to cover regional variation.

  • The MonPaGe_HA database includes speakers with a large range of ages, performing various speech tasks involving multiple speech dimensions.
  • The MonPaGe_HA database constitutes one of the largest French cross-sectional database available for observing variation in the speech of healthy adults as a function of age, gender and regiolect