Professor Andreas Trotzke Stanford University (USA) & University of Konstanz (Germany). You will find below the details of his seminars starting from 18th April, 2017 :
The grammar of not-at-issue meaning Lieu :  Université Paris Diderot – Bâtiment Olympe de Gouges – Place Paul Ricoeur – 75013 Paris
Lecture 1: This lecture reconsiders the linguistic notion of emphasis. For many, the concept of emphasis is confined to information structure. However, I will argue that our understanding of the grammatical reflexes of emphasis is only partial as long as the expressive side of utterances is not taken into account. Experimental evidence will be presented in support of this view.  date :  Tuesday 18th April 2017  /  4 – 6 pm  / Room 306
Lecture 2:  In this lecture, I introduce the domain of not-at-issue meaning and deal with one of the paradigm examples of this domain: the cross-linguistic inventory of discourse particles. I will focus on phenomena where word order variation interacts with the interpretation of discourse particles, and I will connect my theoretical claims to phonetic production data. date :  Friday 21st April 2017 /  11am – 1pm  / Room 306
Lecture 3: This lecture discusses to what extent focus particles and discourse particles are closely related categories. I will present new evidence showing that not only discourse particles, but also focus particles can restrict the use of an utterance at the level of illocutionary force on the basis of their discourse-anaphoric semantics. date :  Monday 24th April 2017  /  11am – 1pm  / Room 357

Lecture 4: The final lecture looks at expressive pseudo-questions such as How cool is that?! Based on corpus evidence, I will discuss implications of these constructions for our understanding of the relation between sentence types and illocutionary force. The lecture concludes by reevaluating the general approach of representing pragmatic notions in syntactic structure. date :  Tuesday 02nd May 2017  /  4 – 6 pm   /  Room 126

For your reading enjoyment:

Trotzke, Andreas. 2017. The Grammar of Emphasis: From Information Structure to the Expressive Dimension. Berlin & New York: Mouton de Gruyter.