Université de Amherst 


– Dates des séminaires: 1 juillet, 3 juillet, 7 juillet et 10 juillet

– Lieu : salle 163 Bâtiment Olympe de Gouges, Paris Diderot (angle Rue Albert Einstein – Boulevard du Général Jean Simon, Entrée coté rue Albert Einstein – voir le plan: ici 

– Programme 


Mardi 01/7 16h-18h Lecture 1.  The syntax-discourse divide.  

This lecture will focus on the approach Frazier and Clifton have taken to mismatch ellipsis, where an antecedent does not match the ellipsis site syntactically. Their approach entails that mismatch ellipsis is ungrammatical but at times acceptable.  Much of the lecture will be devoted to showing that the assumption that technically ungrammatical sentences can be acceptable under certain circumstances is required generally, not just for ellipsis.

Jeudi 03/07 16h-18h Lecture 2.  The Question Under Discussion (QUD).

This lecture looks at the role of QUD in processing.  What kinds of QUD are accommodated? When does the QUD influence processing?  Does it influence the processing of the sentence, or only the inferences drawn at the end of the sentence  concerning how the sentence connects to discourse?

Lundi 07/07 16h-18h Lecture 3.  Processing Not-At-Issue (NAI) content.  

NAI content influencesjudgments about a sentence differently than At Issue content does.  NAI content will be analyzed as contributing a quasi-independent speech act from the speech act of the containing utterance.  Experimental evidence will be presented in support of this view.

Jeudi 10/07 16h-18h Lecture 4.  Prosody.

This lecture will take up the role of prosody in sentence processing, focusing on the interplay of prosody with various components of grammar.  It will focus in particular on the entirely open question of how root sentences are identified, and the interplay of  prosody and NAI vs AI content.