Université de York, « Language Conflict and Executive Control ». 22/04, 29/04, 06/05, 13/05.

Date : mercredi 30 Avril 2014, 10h-12h

Lieu : Salle du conseil, Institut de Psychologie, Université Paris Descartes.

71, avenue Edouard Vaillant, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt (M° Marcel Sembat, ligne 9).


Title: Bilingualism: Consequences for Mind and Brain


Abstract: A growing body of research points to a significant effect of bilingualism on cognitive outcomes across the lifespan. The main finding is evidence for the enhancement of executive control at all stages in the lifespan, with the most dramatic results being maintained cognitive performance in elderly adults, and protection against the onset of dementia. I will review evidence from both behavioral and imaging studies and propose a framework for understanding the mechanism that could lead to the reported consequences of bilingualism and the limitation or absence of these effects under some conditions.


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